Furniture purchase pays attention to environmental protection products

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, "green environmental protection" has become the theme of home decoration. The focus of consumers now is also a recognized problem in the industry. In the past two years, with the skyrocketing prices of raw materials, the price of solid wood furniture has climbed all the way, especially high-quality solid wood furniture, such as the mahogany home.

Taihe wood made sandalwood rosewood èž­ shou pattern five screens Luohan bed Jinjingfang big top cabinet Jinjingfang carved passion fruit large strip case Jinjingfang rope coins pattern table Jinjingfang cloud pattern bead painting case It is even more difficult for the general wage earners to bear. In this situation, panel furniture has gradually become the main consumer. However, panel furniture generally uses wood-based panels, adhesives and furniture coatings. If the materials used do not meet the environmental requirements, it is most likely to cause indoor air pollution, so you can not only look at the appearance of the finished product when purchasing.

Hazard: Raw material pollution affects residential safety

The choice of environmentally friendly furniture depends first on raw materials. As one of the basic raw materials for home decoration, furniture manufacturing and even doors and windows, ceilings, etc. - Blockboard (commonly known as large core board), if used improperly, it is most likely to cause environmental problems. Unfriendly green blockboard directly causes indoor air pollution; even if so-called environmentally friendly products, too much usage can easily cause cumulative pollution.

Since the furniture is finished, the large core board has been covered with layers of paint and outer decorative materials. The quality of the board is not easy to be discovered, resulting in a large number of toxic "cores" hidden in the furniture. When the furniture or cabinet made of large core board with high formaldehyde content is moved into the house, the formaldehyde released will be inhaled by the human body, which will stimulate the eyes, nose and other organs, which may cause abnormal lung function and liver function. And immune function declines, and even endangers life safety.

Therefore, when purchasing furniture, raw materials and commodities should not be ignored, and should not be confused by the beautiful appearance of the furniture.

Optional: regular large core board exudes fragrance

When decorating, many people choose to make their own furniture. Not only the low cost and the style are not restricted, so it is inevitable to buy raw materials such as large core boards. In this regard, Mr. Li, the shopping guide of Xi’an Zhongtian New Century Home Store, said The choice of large core board depends first on whether it is a regular manufacturer's product. Check the manufacturer's trademark, production address, anti-counterfeiting mark and test report. Generally, regular manufacturers produce test reports. The lower the detection value of formaldehyde should be. The better. Secondly, it depends on whether the appearance of the sheet is flat, whether it is warped, deformed, or recessed. Again, observe whether the core strip inside the sample sheet is even and tidy, and whether the core strip has decay, breakage, wormhole, thrift or the like. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the large core board with good appearance quality is also better.

In addition, be careful to smell, if the smell of wood is fragrant, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is less; if the smell is pungent, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is more. At the same time, it is best to leave a sample during construction. Once the project is finished, it is found that the indoor environmental pollution caused by the quality of the large core board can be used as the basis for judging responsibility.

Panel furniture: green is the only standard

In the major home stores, panel furniture with many brands and diverse styles gives people who like finished furniture more choices, but it is more difficult to identify the quality of panel furniture than the selection of raw materials. Once you buy it, it is like bringing an invisible "killer" to your home. Therefore, the choice of panel furniture, green is the preferred standard, you can not see that this requirement is only one, it is not easy to buy.

Hazard: the production process hides the health "killer"

According to industry insiders, the production of panel furniture hides a lot of dangers. If you do not pay attention to the purchase, it will often leave a safety hazard to your home. First of all, all kinds of wood-based panels need to use chemical materials such as adhesives, hardeners and water-repellent agents in the process, which will release the harmful substances - free formaldehyde; secondly, some paints used in the treatment of furniture surfaces and in the processing The binder also contains formaldehyde and benzene; in addition, for the sake of aesthetics, some panel furniture is also decorated with electroplated metal fittings or glass, which also contains harmful substances such as cyanide and lead.

If you do not pay attention to the purchase, buy plate furniture that does not meet environmental protection requirements, it will constantly emit harmful gases at home, which will seriously threaten the health of the occupants.

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