Fashionista teaches you how to choose glitter

Make-up tools that make up the indispensable makeup, but do you know the skill of choosing glitter? Let's take a look at the tips for choosing glitter before you act.

1, look at the size of the glitter particles, decided to use in the body or facial selection of glitter, you can first explore the texture and size of the glitter particles, some brands of glitter is a fine powder texture, its own strong adhesion, can be used in the face On the t-zone chin, etc., and some sequins and other particles are slightly larger, you can mix a little emulsion on the collarbone.

2, look at the purity of the golden glitter, choose the most lining of the skin, why some people have painted the glitter, like a sick scorpion, full of black and yellow? Is yellow skin really suitable for gold? In fact, it is very likely because there is no gold glitter. Pure gold is very light, only as a simple brightening, there will be no problem, and the gold, brown, red and other variegated will pick people, but it will taste more than pure gold.

3, look at daily makeup effect, choose the best ratio glitter partial to the color white, and not like a bit of looking, the best choice for the unity of the multi-colored glitter, dark occupy only part of it can be used instead occasionally eyeliner Eye shadow and the like. Otherwise, buying a large box of dark glitter will only be violent.

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