Evaluation: soft and comfortable Jin Yalan 650 luxury mattress



Yalan mattress is famous for its breathability. At first glance, the Yalan Jinanlan series 650 luxury mattress, in addition to the overall frame of the mattress, is the most powerful gas field in its vent. Walking along the mattress for a week, I found a venting hole around the mattress. There are an estimated 8,000 venting holes in the whole body, which is enough to show how strong the breathability of this mattress is.


Whether the quality of a mattress is superior, not only related to its main material, but also related to the auxiliary materials of various parts of the mattress, it is said that "the whole body is moved." This yalan mattress is made of Belgian imported brocade fabric. This fabric is not only soft and comfortable, but also has a beautiful and elegant surface. The surface is embroidered with elegant patterns, and the warm pattern is more suitable for the atmosphere of the bedroom. It also upgraded the grade of the entire mattress.


For mattresses, the spring is of course the most important part of the mattress, and the spring properties often determine the comfort of the mattress. The inner main material of this mattress adopts Yalan's patented supreme spring system. This spring can accurately respond to the weak pressure of the body, reduce the force on all parts of the body, ensure the body is fully relaxed, lying on the mattress, and naturally go to sleep. Really stress free sleep.

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