Easy to use Deville louver wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Now the wardrobe products on the wardrobe market are dizzying. Some wardrobes are powerful and difficult to use. Some wardrobes have large functions but it is not difficult to use. Today, Xiaobian introduces one for you. Convenient use of the wardrobe - Deville louver wardrobe.

Deville Wardrobe

product description

Evaluation product Deville louver wardrobe

Evaluation Brand Deville Wardrobe

1. Plate: embossed pattern

Wardrobe evaluation

The board is high-density MDF, six-sided edge-sealing, embossed grain-grain paper on the pressing surface, melamine surface, moisture-proof and waterproof, has a certain hardness, is not easy to scratch, feels wrong, many colors, there are 18mm, 25mm, 35mm And 46mm four thickness, 18mm board is the most common board, generally used for cabinets, 35mm and 46mm board are honeycomb panels, generally used as countertops, such as desks, bed stools and so on.

Deville Wardrobe

The tester gave the board a stain-resistance test, a scratch-resistant test, and even a cigarette, and there was no problem. It seems that the performance of stain resistance and wear resistance is excellent. If you use it as a countertop, you can use it with confidence.

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