Durable screen printing labels

If the label is required to have good durability, perhaps a screen-printed label is your best choice.

Worn, faded, crumpled labels are not only ugly, they do not do anything, and they can sometimes be dangerous. For example, if a warning label is faint and difficult to read due to fading, an engine label cannot resist the corrosion of chemicals, then what use is there for them? Of course it is useless. The ideal solution is to choose screen printing. Screen printing is one of the toughest and most distinctive labels. It is durable and bright.

In the screen printing process, the UV-curable ink or acrylic ink flows down from the fine mesh on the steel frame and is evenly coated on the substrate. Due to the method of ink adhesion in screen printing and the versatility of screen printing equipment, the screen printing range is very wide, from thick to thin, from small to large.

Screen-printed labels can withstand the erosion of wind and rain, and are also very resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Therefore, both indoor and outdoor applications, screen printing labels are an ideal choice.

The key factors that affect the durability of the label are the amount of ink used and the amount of pigment in the ink. Compared with other inks, the screen printing ink thickness is more than 10 times that of the former. As a result, screen printing products are not only bright in color, but also have good resistance to sunlight and abrasion.

In addition, another option is ethylene hot stamping and digital printing. Although ethylene hot stamping can also achieve the same quality, it is limited to one color only; if digital printing is used, the resulting label does not have a long service life because there is not enough ink attached to the substrate.

This means that if users want their products to withstand harsh weather conditions, chemical corrosion and excessive wear, and still maintain a bright appearance, and last for years, then screen printing is the right choice.

Reasonable prices Although the cost of screen printing is slightly higher than that of other processes, for many small batches of products, the cost of screen printing is lower than the corresponding flexo or offset printing.

The cost of flexo printing will be higher, because for the short-run prints, the cost of flexo printing is higher. Many customers choose the screen printing method after they have found the price of flexo printing.

For large-volume printing (500,000 copies or more), if the user does not require the product to have good durability, a cheaper process than screen printing can be selected, and this process does exist.

Another consideration is the resolution requirement. Because screen printing has a larger dot size, four-color screen printing is difficult to achieve a fine copying effect. Therefore, four-color screen printing is more suitable for printing at least five feet away. Graphics.

Four-color screen printing is not suitable for small labels with high requirements for details. There are also some screen printing companies printing labels with 10 colors to 12 colors, but most of them are spot colors.

Although four-color screen printing products are not as perfect as photos, their colors are also very clear. It is precisely because of this distinctiveness and its unmatched durability that screen printing labels can be developed. Although in the field of long-run printing, flexo printing seizes part of the screen printing market; at the same time, digital printing has a negative impact on short-run screen printing operations. However, the unique advantages of screen printing labels are still indelible.

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