Don't be blinded by the lights, the wardrobe needs to see the thickness of the sticker from the screw hole.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] I think everyone will not pay attention to the lighting when choosing the wardrobe in the store. Professionals revealed that the wardrobe is in the store, and the lights are hidden.

Wardrobe store

No matter which store you go into, the store of the whole wardrobe will be glamorous, and the wardrobe products will be very beautiful, so that people have the desire to buy at a glance. But professionals remind you that you should not only look at the appearance when buying a wardrobe. According to the sales consultant of the wardrobe store, when you buy the wardrobe, you should carefully observe the lighting settings around the wardrobe. Because the current wardrobes are made of solid wood particle board, the surface is covered with color paper. If the quality of the color paper is not good, the fading will occur when exposed to strong light for a long time, so the lighting in the store will not directly touch the wardrobe panel. However, when the consumer uses it at home, the wardrobe may be placed in the bedroom or on the balcony, which is inevitably exposed to direct sunlight, so the quality of the color paper of the wardrobe is very important. Good color paper will not be used for a long time. Consumers can see the thickness of the sticker from the screw hole. The thickness is generally 1.5 mm, and the thickness of the imported color paper is 2 mm.

The life of the wardrobe is related to materials, metal parts, edge bands, etc. Most consumers will have this experience: the wardrobe close to the top has a long deformation of the cabinet door, the cabinet is skewed; the metal rod of the hanging clothes can not be used; the drawer is not tightly closed, and the clothes are stained with dust for a long time. All kinds of problems are wardrobes. Not solid. When buying a wardrobe, don't just listen to the introduction of the shopping guide, but also look at the details of the wardrobe, take a look at the metal hanging rod to see if there is more difficulty in the middle. Whether the lock of the drawer is tight or not, and whether the drawer is stretched and stretched freely.

In addition, to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the wardrobe, there are solid wood edge lines. The solid wood edge line fixes the frame of the whole box. Consumers should pinch the line when picking it to see if it is strong and carefully observe whether the line has thickness. At the same time, it is best to install the sliding door as a whole in the wardrobe, otherwise the clothes are easily contaminated with dust.

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