Does children's furniture test design wisdom?

Domestic children's furniture has accelerated the pace of catching up with international quality in the overall furniture industry. So, does children's furniture test the wisdom of design and the rigor of manufacturing? In addition to environmental protection and safety, what other elements are often overlooked? What kind of space is matched with what kind of furniture is the desire of parents and children? Exploring the period. Hanbang Shenyun pine furniture

During the summer, holiday, talk about the children's space, remind parents to look at their home.

Usually we call it "children's furniture", and the more professional saying should be "teenage furniture", which is defined in the scope of preschool children and primary and middle school students with independent capacity.

It can be seen that the furniture made to adults in Chinese furniture brands is constantly improving, from the health of materials to innovation, from the refinement of functions to customization, from the imitation of design to the insistence on originality... although the design and manufacture of modern Chinese furniture It started late, but it progressed very quickly. At the same time, with the approach of an aging society, scholars who care about society and businessmen who care about business are working hard to make the home life of the elderly more comfortable. But at the same time, the only group of people who are most concerned about children and often hang on their lips, the market does not take care of them. Even the most basic furniture manufacturing standards in the country, the links about children's furniture are currently in a state of ambiguity and lack.

Some people may have doubts, whether professional or non-professional brands, do a lot of furniture for children? Indeed, imported brands are sold with the standards of the country of origin, domestic brands, with the obvious "children" label furniture Abound, so that the innocent adult also bought to join in the fun. But in those furniture, what is the applicability of the children who really need it? Can the furniture with cartoon characters be called children's furniture? Can the colorful furniture be the correct children's furniture? What puzzles us is that in the building materials city, even if the size is obviously large, the sales staff will smugly convinced you that "this is no problem for the children!" - What is the story? ?

Professionals say that children's space should play a role in helping children shape good habits. At the same time, the living situations created by various types of furniture should also play a role in cultivating children's personality. In other words, in addition to environmental protection and safety, children's household products are more scientific.

In addition, with the maturity of the 80s, the post-90s, and the rise of the 00, the consumer market is undergoing earth-shaking changes. Now the children’s ideas and appeals are no longer satisfied by traditional concepts. So, are the merchants designing one? Before mass production of children's furniture, ask the child what he really wants?

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