Do you pick the paint-free door and the paint door?

Every time the decoration is almost the same, it is time to start thinking about buying a door. However, there are so many doors in the market, and the difference between the paint-free door and the paint door. How do you pick it? Let's take a look at Xiaobian.

The essential properties of the paint-free door and the painted door

  • Paint-free door:

It is easy to understand from the name that the paint-free door does not need to paint this process. Specifically, the paint-free doors can be divided into two categories. One is the finished wooden doors that have been painted in advance in the factory. These wooden doors no longer need to be reworked, that is, ready to use.

  • Paint door:

In short, the paint door is placed in the drying room after painting and warmed and dried. Its main substrate is generally a MDF, and the back is made of a tripolyamine. It is a door panel that is sprayed with eight paints on the surface and finally fired at a high temperature. Most of the current paint-free doors on the market refer to PVC veneer doors.

Paint-free door and painted door

Advantages and disadvantages of paint-free doors and painted doors

  • Advantages of the paint-free door:

1. It can change a variety of different shapes according to requirements, and is an ideal material for home decoration and interior decoration;

2. The surface of the product is smooth and bright, free of paint, which can avoid the terrible consequences of the poisonous gas emitted from the air after using other decorative materials to the human body, and achieve the popular green ecological environmental protection requirements;

3. Once formed, the construction period is short, that is, the delivery acceptance can be enjoyed, and the dream of everyone can be completed at the fastest speed;

4. Using foreign advanced manufacturing technology, using high-quality imported raw materials to develop paint-free decorative materials, with the advantages of collision resistance, non-self-igniting, anti-insect, moisture, corrosion, good maintenance, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free;

5. Convenient construction, can be cut, sawn, can be created, can be nailed;

6. With the texture of the logs, a variety of color changes, more modern and individualistic and green environmental requirements.

  • Disadvantages of the paint-free door:

The poor quality of the paint-free door is long. The shortcoming of easy exposure is that it is susceptible to humidity, temperature and air, which causes the surface to open and deform. Therefore, its service life is shorter and the gloss is worse than the paint door.

  • Advantages of the paint door:

The overall effect of the paint door is very good, easy to shape, the surface will not retain oil, and it can keep the color bright for a long time, so it has a visual impact, and because of the smooth surface of the paint door and easy to clean, you can take it. Improve the overall brightness of the room, while it also has a good waterproof effect.

  • Disadvantages of the paint door:

The technical level is high and the scrap rate is high, so the price is high; the use should be carefully taken care of, relatively afraid of bumps and scratches, once the damage occurs, non-professional repair is more laborious. At the same time, because the quality of the surface paint is difficult to distinguish, if you claim to be a high-grade PU paint, but the price is very low, you can judge that it is almost impossible to use high-grade environmentally friendly paint. When choosing a paint door, don't be confused by the temporary surface brightness. When you have the feeling of using the low-grade paint door, you will find that under the pollution of the fume, the color may fade after a short period of time, and the gloss will gradually disappear. Although the paint door is beautiful, if you use inferior paint, it will definitely be peeled off in the corner for a long time, especially in the north where the temperature difference is large and the climate is dry. This is inevitable.

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Paint-free door and painted door

Maintenance precautions

  • Paint-free door:

1. Do not post pictures or pendants on high-grade wooden doors, especially those with self-adhesive glue, so as to avoid discoloration of the paint after the objects are missing;

2. Normally use the wooden door, avoid hanging heavy objects on the door or let the children drag the door to play, so as not to affect the service life of the door;

3. Do not leave the wooden door in a humid environment for a long time to avoid deformation of the product;

4. The temperature and humidity inside and outside the door fan should not be too different to avoid warping deformation of the wooden door;

5. Be careful not to let the chemicals touch the wooden door or glass to avoid discoloration of the surface.

6. The door should be wiped with water if it splashes.

  • Paint door:

1. Anti-collision: During the use of the paint door, the door should be avoided as much as possible. The hardness of the paint film of the high-quality paint door is about 2H, that is, the weight of 10kg is on the surface of the door. The door may have pits, and the paint film of the door is not. There will be large areas falling off;

2. Anti-scratch: The thickness of the paint film on the surface of the paint door is about 0.3mm. During the use, the surface of the door should be avoided.

3. Anti-high temperature, direct sunlight: the paint film of the paint door panel will be discolored due to high temperature, so the direct sunlight should be avoided during the use;

4. Anti-acid and alkali: the acid and alkali resistance of paint is generally poor. In the process of use, acid and alkaline substances should be avoided to contact the surface of the paint door to avoid corrosion of the paint film of the door. If the sauce is accidentally used during use, The vinegar should be sprinkled on the surface of the door panel and wiped with a clean cotton cloth with a little water.

5. Cleaning: In the daily use process, it is difficult to avoid soot in the kitchen. When there is oily smoke and oil stain on the surface of the door panel, it can be wiped with detergent. Wipe with detergent: water 1:10 clean cotton cloth.

The paint-free door and the paint door have their own advantages, and can be purchased rationally according to their own needs when purchasing.

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