Discussion on the Development Status and Prospects of China's Ink Industry (II)

Is China's ink industry come to an end? Where is the future of Chinese ink? How much room for improvement? Many friends in the chemical industry have been puzzled by these issues. I think the friend who raised this issue is a bit overly pessimistic. It should be said that the future ink market competition will become more intense and potential new products will gradually replace old products.

From the perspective of the development pattern of the world's inks, it is still Germany, Japan, the United States and a few other developed countries that master the core technologies of ink. These countries are gradually increasing their investment in the Chinese ink industry. The most representative is the Japanese DIC. , TOYO, Switzerland SICPA, Germany HEIDELBERG, HUBER, the United States AKZO NOBEL and other companies. In addition, from the perspective of ink development, solvent inks are transitioning towards alcohol solubility and low solvent; silk screen printing is also attempting water-based screen printing inks. Due to the unique printing method of silk screen printing, screen printing effects on special prints such as glass and PCB circuit boards are currently Is not comparable to other printing methods; UV ink? Currently, we are working on the research and development of UV dual curing. Once successfully launched into the market, this product will be extended to special glass, wood flooring, automotive decoration, high-end electronic products and other printing fields, which will greatly enhance the appearance of the product and chemical properties; The development of offset printing ink is still based on waterless offset printing. It is said that Japan, Germany and other developed countries have already tried this technology in the market. Once waterless offset printing ink really occupies the market, it will eliminate the issue of ink balance and bring printing problems. Annoyance; water-based ink thing, has begun to tilt to the plastics and other food industries, and now the market has begun to use water-based ink main products are disposable beverage cups, instant noodles, bowls of posts and other printed matter, and other water-based UV has also come out, which is currently compared Worrying water market is undoubtedly a shot in the arm. Deaf people engaged in water-based ink for many years, I have tried to do water-based screen printing ink and water-based UV, from the current point of view, water-based screen printing ink is still a certain degree of difficulty. Because at present in China, it seems that the product has not yet officially entered the market, and there is no need for a large number of products to reach the market before the delay, and it always takes a period of time.

Although I had worried about the prospects of water-based inks, I had also expressed my dissatisfaction with solvent inks, and even stayed on my half-baked knowledge about UVs. However, my heart, my struggle for Chinese ink, never stopped. Although looking back and looking forward to the issue, it does not look back. There is no prospect. Over the years, our chemical people have been advancing with China's ink. This is hope.

Source: China Ink Network

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