Dining tables of various shapes affect the home feng shui invisibly

Editor's note: Large to the pattern of the house, small to all kinds of furniture, home feng shui can be said to be ubiquitous, such as the table we mentioned today, its shape also affects the home feng shui invisibly!

1, round table Feng Shui

The round dining table is most suitable for general household use. Because it has a harmonious effect, it is the first choice for the dining table, and it symbolizes a young and old reunion and intimacy. It means that there is no boundary between the two, which can promote the communication and communication of the family and gather together. Popularity.

2, wavy table feng shui

Although the shape does not match the tradition, it is optional because it has no sharp corners.

3, oval table feng shui

Using this kind of table family members can easily combine factions or splits to form a force of struggle. Especially in large families should be avoided.

4, rectangular dining table Feng Shui

Rectangular dining tables are mostly used by families with rich or above, or may be used due to the size of the dining room in the house. Whatever the reason, a family with a rectangular dining table is very easy to have a distinction between the host and the guest, that is, the status of the head of the family will be more prominent and obvious.

5, square table Feng Shui

Square tables are generally used by very few people, and some may be combined into one for other special purposes, such as mahjong table and table. With a square table family, members will easily create a conflict of inconsistencies and intrigues, and there will be separate practices and ghosts. Moreover, the square can only accommodate four people, which in turn brings a sense of desertedness and loneliness.

6, polygon table Feng Shui

Polygons or unequal polygons, which can only be used in certain areas that are specially accommodated in the house, can be said to be extremely rare. Households with such shaped tables will have erratic things, and everyone in the family will also Convergence and disunity, and even schizophrenia.

7, sharp angle table Feng Shui

In terms of Feng Shui, because the acute angle is lethal, it is not advisable to use a dining table. A triangular dining table can lead to family disharmony and health damage; a diamond-shaped dining table can lead to money leakage.

Summary of the small series: The main furniture in the home restaurant is the dining table. The shape of the table is very important for us to create a good restaurant Feng Shui, so we should pay attention to the selection of a good table, and the table is also the key after choosing the right shape. In general, it is best to use a double number, not only with a formal and beautiful appearance, but also help.

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