Design of Fingerprint Identification Smart Card Based on ET44M210

0 Preface

The embedded chip CPU of the new generation of smart card Smart Card is equal to a special type of microcontroller with internal controller, memory, timing control logic and algorithm unit. Because the CPU card has the characteristics of large storage capacity, strong processing power, and safe information storage, the smart card stands out in the evaluation process of various card technologies, and has become the best and most economical solution at present, and is widely used for information. Where safety requirements are particularly high. Biometric technology uses the biological characteristics of the human body to identify each person's true identity, including iris, face, fingerprint, palm print and so on. Among them, fingerprint recognition technology is the most mature and stable. The combination of smart card technology and fingerprint recognition technology has the advantages of complementary advantages. As the storage carrier of personal identity and fingerprint information, the smart card uses the uniqueness of fingerprint to achieve the purpose of personal identification, which provides a wider development space for the application of smart card technology and fingerprint recognition technology.
This paper introduces the experimental design method of a smart bank card system based on ET44M210 chip, in which ET44M210 is a smart card and PC analog card reader. Considering the prevention of finger model deception technology, the method of inputting password plus fingerprint double verification is adopted.

1 hardware system structure

1.1 Introduction to the chip used in the experiment

1.1.1 ET44M210 microprocessor

The ET44M210 microprocessor uses a reduced instruction set architecture (RISC) with an external 6MHz crystal oscillator. All instructions require only one clock cycle, except that the conditional branch instruction takes two clock cycles. USB, 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion, and serial peripheral control interface (SPI) are integrated inside the chip. The processor has 16kB ROM, 1.3kB RAM, 42 IO ports, and the power supply voltage is 3.6~5V.
The ET44M210 chip is a low-cost, high-performance, CMOS-based 8-bit microcontroller chip fabricated in a CMOS process. The chip is packaged in SMA and has a pin count of 100. It is designed and manufactured by Etoms Electronics Corp. The design of the ET44M210 fully reflects the characteristics of SoC products.

1.1.2 Development Tools for ET44M210 Chip

ET_USBICE simulation software ET44M210 chip uses "USB interface simulation + experimental template" as a hardware development tool, as shown in Figure 2. The first half of the development board is the simulation template, which has an ET44M210 chip on it, and the simulation program is solidified internally. The simulation template communicates with the PC through the USB interface on the board, and together with the simulation software, constitutes a low-cost, high-performance in-circuit emulator ICE and writer. The second half of the development board is the experimental template, and there is also an ET44M210 chip on it. The user conducts system development and simulation experiments through the experimental template. There are 3 USB ports on the experiment template for users to use. There is also a 48-pin socket on the board for connection to I/O interfaces, ADC, PWM, SPI, etc.

The ET44M210 chip uses ET_USBICE simulation software as a software development tool, as shown in Figure 3. The ET_USBICE emulation software uses a USB interface to communicate with a PC computer. The software has a standard universal simulation software interface and engineering-oriented management functions. It is suitable for various operating systems such as Windows98/2000/XP. It can easily write, compile, debug, simulate, run, generate, and write source programs. Waiting for the whole process.

1.2 Introduction to Fingerprint Identification

(1) The structure of the fingerprint module. The fingerprint collection module of the system uses a fingerprint module of a company, which includes a fingerprint sensor and a fingerprint identification chip. If fingerprint data larger than 16 users is required, fingerprint data in the PC memory can be used.
(2) The collection function of the fingerprint module. This module has the function of fingerprint acquisition in this system. The collected fingerprints are stored in the module and transferred to the PC and saved.
(3) Identification function of the fingerprint module. This module has the function of fingerprint judgment in this system. The collected fingerprint is differentiated from the previously stored fingerprint to identify whether it is a normal user, and the recognition result is saved.
(4) Fingerprint collection and identification. The process is shown in Figure 4.

2 system principle and block diagram

2.1 Functions of the ET44M210

(1) Communication function. It is connected to the PC through the USB interface to transmit the encrypted fingerprint information and the personal information of the user's bank, and then decrypted by the PC to compare with the central database.
(2) Calculation function. Before the IC card transmits the command, it will be encrypted according to the corresponding algorithm. Similarly, after receiving the encrypted information from the PC, the IC card decrypts the information with the corresponding algorithm. For the specific algorithm, please refer to the system principle and block diagram. .
(3) Internal information management function. Since the amount of information stored in the card is very small (user personal information and bank deposit information), the information system does not have to be complicated, and the basic operation of establishing, modifying, deleting, and maintaining information can be realized by using a fixed length storage method. In addition, it is necessary to implement security control of information access. For example, when modifying the information inside, it is necessary to have different levels of security control.
(4) Command processing function. The communication between the smart card and the PC uses the corresponding protocol. To achieve the authenticity of the simulation, we use the current standard smart card communication standard protocol here: it supports the ISO7816-4, 6, 8, 9 smart card standard. Corresponding processing is performed according to different commands transmitted on the PC.
(5) Extended function. In addition to the basic functions, LCD and voice functions must be added to it. The liquid crystal displays the basic information of the user, and the voice is realized by the AD and PWM functions of the single-chip microcomputer, and the sound of "please put in the finger" and "confirm the pass" and "confirm the failure" is sounded through the power amplifier.

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