Continuous dynamic tensile test for ozone aging test box-Type A

The test method of this ozone aging test box is to make the sample cyclically stretch from zero elongation to maximum elongation for exposure test. There are two exposure methods available:

Method Aa: cyclically stretch the sample from zero to the maximum elongation, test the sample after exposure to a specified time, record the surface for cracks and cracks, or detect changes in other properties.

Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended that the maximum tensile elongation of the specimen be 10% and the exposure time be 72h. If other suitable maximum elongation exposure time is needed, it should be stated in the test report.

Ab method: Extend the elongation of the ozone aging test chamber sample from zero to one or more of the maximum elongation specified in 6.5, and expose to an appropriate interval, such as 2, 4 , 8, 16, 84, 72, 96 h after testing the sample. Record the total time of the first crack on the surface of the sample, or the level of surface cracking.
According to the actual test conditions and requirements, the exposure time and detection period can be shortened or extended appropriately, or other performance changes can be detected as required.

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