Chinese scientists study 3D printed islet tissue for diabetes

Recently, a group of researchers at Binghamton University in New York, USA, are trying to study a 3D printing process and apply it to the treatment of diabetes. At present, the project has made significant progress.

Chinese scientists study 3D printed islet tissue for diabetes

This ambitious research project is being conducted under the leadership of biologists Kaiming Ye and Sha Jin. The current stage of the goal is to print out functional 3D models of the pancreas in 3D and then use these models as carriers for "growth" of key cells. This method is particularly useful for the growth of insulin cells. The main problem in diabetic patients is the lack of insulin production. If the cells grown in the laboratory are implanted in patients, it is very helpful for treating diabetes.

Chinese scientists study 3D printed islet tissue for diabetes

For diabetic patients, the "mass production" of these cells is exactly what they need. The best way to treat diabetes is islet transplantation. However, due to the lack of donors, the majority of patients have no islets for suppression. A 3D printed pancreas-like environment can easily solve this problem.

Chinese scientists study 3D printed islet tissue for diabetes

Although this sounds like a good choice, they have encountered some problems on the road to research, and there is still a long way to go to overcome this increasingly common disease. First of all, what is to be solved is how to print out living organs in 3D. In order to do this, Sha Jin's laboratory is working on a vascular system that has a complete pumping function to continuously supply oxygen and nutrients to cells. substance. Second, the team is still looking for "magic substances" that produce pure islet cells. This "magic substance" may be composed of pluripotent stem cells, which must have the ability to transform into islet cells.

Chinese scientists study 3D printed islet tissue for diabetes

The research team has received $300,000 in research funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). "The number of people with diabetes has risen year by year and has become a serious problem." Ye said, "and our research can Providing an infinite source of cells for islet transplantation. In short, with the unprecedented rise in personalized medical needs, 3D printing will play a huge role in the private custom health era.


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