Children's furniture harmful substances exceed the standard parents need to be cautious

"My son's bed has been bought back for a week, or it is still faintly smelling pungent smell. Is this normal? I feel very uneasy." Ms. Ren, who lives in Xiaodongmen, said. Gao Jinzhi, director of the Furniture Inspection Center of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Taiyuan City, said that children's resistance and self-protection ability are weaker, and the requirements for environmental protection and safety of furniture are higher than that of adult furniture. The reasonable purchase of children's furniture with reference to the national standard can effectively reduce the harm caused by safety hazards to children.

â– Children's furniture standards are high

On July 30, Ms. Ren accompanied her son to a furniture market in the city to select children's furniture. In the second floor of the children's furniture area, the child saw a set of brightly colored combination furniture. The salesperson took out a stack of environmental certificates and quality inspection reports, introducing that the children's furniture of the brand is environmentally friendly and the quality can be guaranteed. Without enthusiasm for sales, Ms. Ren bought a children's bed. When I bought it, I smelled a bit pungent smell. "New things, a little smell is inevitable, but after buying it, I found that the smell is lingering, and there is no way to open the window." Ms. Ren said that now the bed I don’t dare to use it there. I always feel that I am not practical.

In the face of the phenomenon that parents buy children's furniture at a loss, Gao Jinzhi said that China's furniture-specific standard for children aged 3 to 14 years old - "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" was officially implemented in August 2012. Children's furniture should be required to adopt higher environmental and safety standards than adult furniture. Among them, the standard requires children's furniture products should not be dangerous sharp edges and tips, edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered. The product should not have dangerous protrusions. If dangerous protrusions are present, they are protected in a suitable manner.

In order to prevent children from hiding in the cabinet furniture for too long and suffocating, the standard also requires that the cabinet-type closed furniture used by children should have a certain ventilation function. At the same time, the furniture is required to be placed anywhere on the floor, and the vents should be unobstructed when leaning against two vertical faces at the corners of the room that intersect at an angle of 90°.

Gao Jinzhi introduced that many parents are easy to ignore these problems when they buy wardrobes for their children. In reality, children love to play in the small space such as the bottom of the table, the bottom of the bed, the closet, the closet, etc., and design the vents for the wardrobe or other closed furniture in the children's room, which can effectively prevent the child from entering the room. asphyxia.

â– Three strokes to buy assured children's furniture

How should I buy children's furniture? Smell the smell. According to Gao Jinzhi, most of the wooden furniture sold on the market, except for all solid wood furniture, has wood-based panel parts, so the smell is particularly important when purchasing. If you make people cry and sneeze, it means that the formaldehyde emission of the furniture is relatively high and there may be problems.

Look at the report. Consumers request quality inspection reports from distributors. Look at the amount of formaldehyde released from the furniture to the extent permitted by the standard. The national standard "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials" stipulates that the amount of formaldehyde released in wooden furniture shall not exceed 1.5 mg per liter. If the purchased wood furniture formaldehyde exceeds the standard, do not buy it. It is recommended to buy furniture that meets the E1 standard plate.

Look at the price. Most of the wood furniture with excessive formaldehyde is made of cheap artificial boards, so the price of the whole set of wooden furniture is often "ultra-low". Due to the intensive use of inferior glue in cheap man-made boards, the amount of formaldehyde released is seriously exceeded.

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