Cauliflower soy milk cheese soup to perfect skin

What is the perfect skin with transparency and brightness, remember the title of "Lolita", the fresh girl on the grass? The pink shorts, the face looks like a cute apple, fresh as air, and the pupil looks bright and shiny with a babyface girl.

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Young, as if it is a necessary and inadequate condition for good skin, not to mention, no matter how complicated the cosmetics and dressing procedures are, it is impossible to create a texture that is comparable to its own healthy skin. Because as long as it is a woman, she refuses from her heart. Even if she is really eighty years old, she does not want to have a face that is full of time and memory, like the one in the thousand and thousands of searches. After all, you can use fashion to wrap yourself in three layers and three layers, but you can't use this method to deal with the skin.

Drink more soup, it is a shortcut. Vegetable soup, fish soup, bone soup, bean soup, chicken soup... As long as you have time, you can try it yourself. If you don’t have time, try this simple version. The night before, you have soaked beans, and there is a ten minutes in the morning. There is a delicious vegetable soup to drink. The magic of beautiful skin is only one sentence - drink a bowl of good soup every day. For those who only apply to improve their skin, it is a new change. In the morning when everything is reborn, returning to zero, starting with a bowl of smooth soup, returning to the natural diet conditioning method, I believe that not only the transparent skin, including health-related, you can certainly get full of all .

1. Raw materials: one broccoli, one bowl of soy milk, 50g of cheese, 10g of butter, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, and salt and pepper.

2, the beans are soaked in the night, plus four times the water into the food processor, high-speed play for 4 minutes;

3, pour out a large cup of microwave oven for 5 minutes, drink directly; another thicker half, used to make soup;

4, add washed broccoli, beat into a delicate vegetable soy milk juice;

5, the hot pot melted the butter, pour the beaten vegetables and soy milk juice in the middle of the fire stir, add boiling cheese, pepper, salt after boiling, continue to stir for 5 minutes;

6, topped with tomato sauce, a smooth and delicious vegetable soup is ready.

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