Block sensitive skin sources from sensitive zero contact

When you are in the ocean of flowers, when you are in close contact with pets, when you are full of joy and enjoyment, when you are immersed in the kiss of the sun... everything is so beautiful. However, have you ever thought that it is these beautiful things that can cause skin sensitivity? Eliminate sensitive issues from the source. Since then, it has been in contact with sensitive zeros.

Flavor allergy

Cosmetics : The most typical cosmetic allergies are allergic to fragrances, and cosmetics containing alcoholic ingredients such as astringent water can also cause some irritation to the skin. Others such as biochemical preservatives, fruit acids, etc. can cause different irritation to different skin types.

Solution: Choose carefully to enhance tolerance

When choosing cosmetics, you must first define your skin. Choose the product that suits you based on your skin type. Do not blindly pursue effective skin care. Enter the autumn and winter season, and don't replace all the cosmetics in one go. The process of adapting to the skin step by step.


Pollen dust is flying: allergic reactions to microbes in the air are the most common allergies. Dust allergies include cotton fibers, fur and various fibers, animal skins and the like. Especially in the season of pollen transmission, tiny pollen particles are scattered in the air during the spread and fly around with the flow of air, and some of them are inhaled and absorbed by the skin.

Solution: Take measures to avoid contact

When encountering seasonal alternations, pay special attention to prevention. Try to go to places where trees are lush and where pets are concentrated. Avoid sun exposure and wear a mask when going out. Avoid direct contact with the outside world.

We have different kinds of mold for sharpeners, with one hole, two hole, three hole; metal type and plastic type;

OEM and ODM designs are welcome.

MOQ: normally 5000set/design, or we can further discuss.

Sampling: if we have samples available, we're glad to send you free sample as long as you can offer us your courier number.

Certificate: our art sets are able to pass EN71 part 1 to part 3, Phthalate free, ASTM D-4236, CPSIA HR4040...etc.

Delivery: usually 35-40 days after approval of pre-production sample.

Payment terms: 30% TT deposit prepaid, 70% TT balance against BL copy.


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