Beware of "wrinkles"

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] How to maintain the solid wood wardrobe is a problem, more and more families began to buy solid wood wardrobes, but the solid wood is also a "sweet" wardrobe, inevitably bumpy in daily use, the appearance of "wrinkles" Not good to see, below we answer the problems of solid wood wardrobes under different circumstances.

1, in addition to the oil on the wooden wardrobe

Wardrobe maintenance

Wardrobe maintenance

Residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent. After wiping, spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe it. Finally, wipe the corn flour. Corn flour absorbs all the dirt adsorbed on the surface of the closet, making the paint smooth and bright.

2, in addition to the ink on the wooden wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe

Wardrobe maintenance

Add two portions of white vinegar to one portion of the water, wipe the ink marks on the wooden closet with a sponge dampened mixture, then wash and dry.

3, the white wardrobe turned yellow

Wardrobe maintenance tips

Wardrobe maintenance

The white paint on the surface of the wardrobe will turn yellow over time. Wipe with a rag and toothpaste, taking care not to use too much force; also spread the two egg yolks and apply them with a soft brush to the yellow area. After drying, use a soft cloth to carefully wipe it off. Also be careful to avoid direct sunlight in the wardrobe during use.

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