Backpack zip guard! Fingerprint anti-theft zipper: Circle Lock

Everyone in the backpack, in the crowds of people, have you ever been faintly worried about the safety of the contents? Or even the illusion zipper has been pulled open, repeatedly touched to confirm the integrity of the rucksack? Or, like the kangaroo therapy used by many people, hang the backpack directly on the front chest?

Then the solution is coming! The fingerprint lock Lock Circle Lock is coming. It is an aluminum pull ring mounted on the zipper head. It is attracted to the pull ring on the other zipper head by magnetism. If you want to separate the pull ring, you can only pinch the ring area on the pull tab to perform fingerprint scanning. , in order to successfully open the zipper on the backpack.

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how about it? Awesome and great idea, but after watching it for a long time, I haven’t researched how the lock is applied to the zipper head...

Equipped with cool news articles

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Equipped with cool news articlesEquipped with cool news articles

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