Baby care model

Baby care model

This product is a model of the main nursing operation functions of the advanced pediatric nursing based on the strength of similar products at home and abroad. This model is made of imported plastic materials through stainless steel mold casting process. It has the characteristics of vivid image, real operation, institutional standards, and long-term durability. It is a new product with more advanced, complete functions and sophisticated materials.

Main features:

â–  Baby head, neck and limbs can move freely, and the breast skin of the baby boy / girl can be replaced â–  Baby head vein puncture â–  Baby umbilical vein puncture â–  Baby mouth and nose catheterization â–  Gastric lavage, enema and catheterization â–  Fistula drainage â–  Intramuscular injection of deltoid muscle and buttocks â–  Overall care, bathing, breastfeeding, changing clothes, changing diapers

Other accessories configuration:

Various catheters, infusion bags, disposable waterproof cloth, diaper sheets, luxury portable aluminum-plastic boxes

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