Autumn and winter seasons are used to store furniture

In the autumn and winter, as the weather turned cold, heavy clothing was debuted. Large clothing not only takes up space, but improper storage can also affect the cleanliness of the living room. The space in the home is limited. How to properly accommodate these large items? The reporter recently visited the major home shopping malls and found a lot of storage furniture. As long as you have one of them in the season, you can easily complete the storage of clothes in a limited space.

Customized wardrobe: the most functional classification storage

Customized wardrobe is undoubtedly the most powerful storage furniture. The huge wardrobe can divide the space to accommodate the clothes according to the actual needs. The cabinet can also be used to sort and store the clothes by setting shelves, drawers, hangers, baskets, pants racks and other accessories. The reasonable setting of the accessories in the closet makes the clothes stand at a glance and convenient to take. Clothing that is less worn in spring and summer can be placed in the storage box and placed above the cabinet; in the season, the cotton, sweater and other materials can be easily folded into the basket or on the shelf; ready-to-wear suits and shirts. It can be hung and placed; small pieces of clothing such as underwear and tie can be folded into the drawer for easy access; the large-sized bedding can be placed in the dust bag and placed in the cabinet.

If the space of the living room is small, it is not suitable to customize the large wardrobe according to the wall. You can buy a small combination wardrobe. When purchasing, you should also choose the partitioning accessories of the wardrobe according to your actual needs.

Sofa, bed: the most space-saving invisible storage

In addition to satisfying its own practical functions, sofas and beds have now increased the intimate storage function according to people's living needs, adding more space for the owners, greatly improving the use rate of space and solving the difficulty of storing small rooms. The problem. The sofa and bed with storage compartments have enough space to store clothes that are not commonly used in seasons, hidden out of sight and not easily contaminated with dust, which not only keeps the interior clean, but also saves space.

Hooks, hangers: the most convenient open storage

The open storage can help the owner to quickly change the front and the door to meet the individual needs of the owner. With a few hooks, a few hangers and a mirror, you can create a simple open cloakroom. Hooks, hangers, shoe racks, etc. can all be chosen independently. The simplest structure is full of possibilities for unlimited expansion. Make full use of the door and corner space storage, which can save space and bring convenience to daily life.

Winter coats are stained with a lot of dust, which is easy to breed bacteria and is not easy to store with clean clothes in the cabinet. You can choose to hook and unload the clothes that you need to change frequently. It is very convenient. It can also be used to hang some clothes with high frequency or some small pieces such as scarves and hats.

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