AT-25PAD Electric Indexer Flat Screen Printer

The AT-25 PA D electric indexer plane screen printer introduced by Dongfang Precision Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. adopts the structural design of the PA series models, installs indexing table tops, and can be loaded and unloaded at the same time during printing to increase production. The machine can be used for printing efficiency perspective molded products of small pieces of machine features: 25 specifications for indexing 4 2 4 5 specifications for indexing, indexing and each plate can be finely adjusted; can be customized according to the requirements of various Printing Fixture; Maximum Printing Area: 150 mm × 250 mm

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These tilt/turn windows come with the design of three chamber system which enhances the thermal and sound insulation. The outer wall thickness using special UPVC compounds ensures high strength and impact resistance equivalent to international standards. These windows come with special features like co-extruded UV protection to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the gulf region.

CONCH UPVC profiles


CCC tempered glass

Friction SUS 304  hinge stay

UPVC Tilt/turn Windows

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