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With the approaching peak of the outbound travel period at the end of the year, all the major online travel agencies are also unable to bear the patience, and they have begun to take actions to seize the market as early as possible. Among them, taking the e-commerce company eLong, which specializes in on-line hotel reservation services, as an example, at the beginning of this month, it reached a cooperation with the first online visa-based agency service platform in China to “help you sign”. It will implement a closed-loop service of online self-service operations from hotel booking to visa processing. This move is bound to have a significant impact on the traditional hotel reservation market, and even affect the entire tourism market.
The rapid growth of outbound travel, the hotel booking market is no longer based solely on price and availability
Affected by political and economic factors, 2015 was the fastest growing year for China's outbound tourism market. In particular, the introduction of visas was favorable, that is, countries frequently resorted to new visas for China, which greatly stimulated the growth of outbound travel. According to the data from the National Tourism Administration, the number of outbound trips in China in the first quarter of 2015 increased by 21.38% year-on-year, and relevant data from the same trip show that this year's summer vacation, the number of outbound trips by the same trip showed a spurt increase, which has quadrupled from the same period last year. However, the growth rate has reached 419%. Under this circumstance, as the end of the first year after the visa is favorable, it will surely not be able to get rid of the upward trend in the number of outbound trips.
With the expansion of the hotel booking market, user demand has become more demanding and complicated. The original way of attracting consumers by price and availability may not be able to meet them. Only by continuously discovering new consumer demands and market opportunities Gain a foothold in a growing market. So for the outbound travel hotel reservation market, the most closely related is the visa agency service, which is exactly what eLong has done in response to the upcoming peak of the outbound tourism at the end of the year, namely Visa agency service platform "help you sign" hand in hand to cope with the outbound travel hotel reservation market in a new context.
Visa management subverts tradition, completes online booking with hotel reservations
"To a trip that says to go and go? Try to get a visa first, pro..." Such a minor tune, but also tells how many people eager to look outside to see the world.
Visibility of visas has always been a major problem that has constrained the development of the tourism industry. The most intuitive manifestation is the spurt growth in the number of outbound visitors under the “visa effect”. This is enough to meet the needs of the outbound tourists. We have a lot of influence. If we say that visas introduced in the policy are favorable, it is fundamentally necessary to solve the problem of office registration. The ones that can most directly affect this issue are affected by the visa service market and are reflected in the control of the signing operation process. Therefore, the industry pioneers represented by “helping you sign” are used to meet the market demand with Internet thinking.
Perhaps many people are still curious, apply for visas can also engage in Internet thinking? Not long ago, helping you sign the CEO Han Xiaoxi in an interview just to answer such questions "help you sign as the first online Visa agent service platform based on the "Internet +", it is to seize the traditional visa market in The fatal pain points in terms of convenience, symptomatic drugs, through a unique online pre-trial services, one-on-one development services, real-time follow-up tracking and a series of Internet-based signing process, so that the signatories truly experienced the need to stay at home. It is possible to solve all visa processing issues except for visas, and to conduct self-contained, on-line, online operations, greatly overcoming the deficiencies of the traditional visa market.
Under this circumstance, it is not difficult to understand why eLong, which is a well-known accommodation and booking platform in China, has chosen to cooperate with the industry rookie who may not be well known to you. The cooperation between the two parties will be presented in the form of a promotional sweepstakes event where customers who make reservations at Yilong International Hotel can participate in the lucky draw by interacting with their official WeChat account. The award is a free visa for all popular tourist destinations. It will continue until the end of November. As a result, from hotel booking to visa processing, customers can complete the entire process through online platform self-service operations, which greatly simplifies the preparatory work required before outbound travel, and provides customers with a fresh service experience.
Hotel visa one-stop service, or will create a new pattern of the tourism market
In this period of market strategic measures, eLong has only changed its boring and eye-catching form based on its own price discounts or discount red envelopes, but has accurately grasped the market trends, tapped potential partners, and took the initiative to attack the same innovations. The cooperation of the derivative product brands can be said to have brought the competitive model of the hotel reservation market to a new level.
On the other hand, eLong hand in hand to help you sign it, can be understood as the olive branch that the leader of the leading boss has thrown back from the rookie, and it can also be seen as a combination of strengths and strengths in their respective areas of expertise, and in short, eLong. Words are on the way to finding differentiated services and creating new hotel products, allowing consumers to enjoy more favorable and convenient online booking experience. However, as far as the industry is concerned, although it is only a one-stop online self-service scheme for hotel reservations and visas, the future may extend to include the purchase of air tickets, travel insurance, overseas car rentals, cruise bookings, and play programs. One-stop online self-help in the tourism industry chain is likely to stimulate a new pattern in the tourism market, which is far-reaching.
In addition, we also expect that eLong will help you to sign a deeper foundation of trust through this short-term cooperation. In the future, we will see that both parties can have a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted win-win cooperation and thus be more determined. One-stop to the end!

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