Analysis of the line guidelines for daily sterilization cabinets

When the lower temperature is needed to continue the insulation of the tableware after the disinfection is finished, close the heat preservation switch, the mains, the temperature controller and the normally closed contact to both ends of the heater, the heater starts to heat, when the temperature in the cabinet reaches When the temperature controller is disconnected from the power supply, the heater stops working. When the temperature inside the cabinet is naturally cooled to below, the charm is closed and the power is turned on, and the heater is re-energized to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet. To achieve the purpose of insulation.

In the circuit, it is a disinfection indicator light, which is a heat preservation indicator light, which is used to indicate the disinfection state of the disinfection cabinet when it is in a disinfected state, and is lit when it is in a warm state. Aihua Walkman Chongqing Zhou Yongsheng troubleshooting examples of the phenomenon of an Aihua one-style Walkman, the radio part of the machine is normal, but there is a howling when playing the tape.

The analysis and overhaul of the machine is a higher-grade model, the structure is complex and compact, and it needs to be particularly careful when disassembling. Only electrolytic capacitors, except one is Pu Tan electrolytic capacitor, the other are surface-mounted electrolytic capacitors. At the same time, it is observed that the solder joints of these electrolytic capacitors generally lose their proper luster, and there are signs of leakage. When using a soldering iron It has a strong odor when repairing.

After many experiments, the author has purchased several ultra-small electrolytic capacitors on the market, and the withstand voltage can meet the requirements. Only the capacity is slightly smaller, the larger the capacity, the larger the volume, the leakage capacitor and the replacement. Ultra-small electrolytic capacitors are shown in the attached table.

After all the electrolytic capacitors leaked from the machine were replaced, the test machine resumed normal sound reproduction, and the sound quality did not change much, and the fault was eliminated.

Summary Because the quality of the chip-type electrolytic capacitor used in the machine is not good, when the filter electrolytic capacitor therein is degraded due to leakage, the machine will have abnormal noise or howling. Especially when playing a magnetic tape, due to the high gain of the head amplifier, the power supply circuit is liable to cause a self-excited howling sound due to poor retreat.

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