Analysis of liquid nitrogen refrigeration mode in high and low temperature test chamber

At present, the cooling methods used in the high and low temperature test chambers are air-cooled, water-cooled, and liquid nitrogen, respectively, and the cooling methods are different depending on the test temperature. Liquid nitrogen In industrial production, liquid nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of compressed liquid air, which can be used as a deep refrigerant. Due to its chemical inertness, it can be directly contacted with biological tissues and immediately frozen without destroying biological activity. And the liquid nitrogen temperature can reach -196 ° C, we have been in the process of research and development of environmental testing equipment, using liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant instead of the compressor, and the technology of the low temperature test chamber is improved. Production of liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box.

The liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostat uses liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to perform cryogenic testing to improve the performance of the actual sample. The liquid nitrogen bottle of liquid nitrogen cryogenic low temperature box is made of imported high quality rustproof aluminum alloy. The product quality is light, high vacuum multi-layer insulation design, good low temperature insulation performance, and the evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen stored in it can be reduced. To the lowest, provide a vacuum guarantee of no less than 8 years.

Note: Liquid nitrogen (often written as LN2) is a liquid form formed by nitrogen at low temperatures. The boiling point of nitrogen is -196 ° C, and at normal atmospheric pressure, if it is below this, liquid nitrogen is formed.


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