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ALPINEX: Professional outdoor sports brand

ALPINEX is originated from the Alps. The famous Alps poet Byron is called “Palace of Nature”. It represents the dreams of countless people. Countless people have longed for him and have inspired many outdoor sports enthusiasts to overcome. With him, the German outdoor sports brand ALPINEX was born. Positioned as a professional outdoor sports brand, it is dedicated to providing OUTDOOR LOVER with the most suitable outdoor sports equipment from the very beginning. Alpinex outdoor products are the perfect combination of contemporary technology and traditional manual craftsmanship to ensure a comfortable and safe wearing experience. Co-workers have added passionate fashion elements to their design. Whether you are a veteran outdoor fan or a passionate young person or a successful business person, you can always find your favorite outdoor products. Alpinex is constantly innovating with an everlasting love. It gives people who love life, love nature, love life, love outdoor sports, and pursue healthy fashion to challenge themselves and challenge the pinnacle of nature with infinite wisdom and endless courage. movement. Brand Culture: "Exploring My Mind" Brand Conception: ALPINEX will follow you on your journey! Brand concept: With an everlasting love and constant innovation, people who love life, love nature, love life, love outdoor sports and pursue healthy fashion will challenge themselves and challenge nature with endless wisdom and endless courage. Peak sports. ALPINEX represents: (A: ALWAYS) (L: LOVER) (P: PURSUE) (I: Intelligence) (N: Nice) (EX: Extreme & Exercise).

ALPINEX (Aofeng Snow) Contact Information: Affiliation: Fuzhou Ruiqi Waterproof Clothing & Bags Co., Ltd. Contact Phone Brand Fax Address: 8F Sun Plaza, No. 278 Hudong Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

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