Air pump use and maintenance

ZYB sliding vane vacuum pressure compound air pump has become an indispensable auxiliary machine for printing and binding due to its small size, compact structure and automatic lubrication.

1 Common faults and elimination of air pump

1) The sound is normal, but the vacuum pressure does not reach the nameplate label. Solution: â‘  The asbestos pad at the base of the air inlet and outlet positioning package is not tight or broken, and the asbestos pad should be replaced; â‘¡ The control valve is damaged, and it cannot be adjusted, and it should be replaced immediately; â‘¢ The rubber seal ring of the filter at the side suction is not The cover nut is not tightened tightly.

2) Abnormal sound. Solution: ① Insufficient oil quantity, poor lubrication, oil should be added to the oil mark height; ② The oil pump is damaged, no lubricating oil, replace the oil pump; ③ Click sound, the shaft at both ends of the air pump rotor is damaged, replace immediately; ④ The fan blade is aging or Interrupted and replaced after removing the fault; ⑤ The lack of oil in the cylinder makes the friction between the large steel sheet and the missing body intensify. Replace the damaged parts after repairing the oil circuit.

3) Oil leakage. Solution: â‘  The pipeline problem, the tubing joint is not tight or the tubing is damaged, one by one; â‘¡ The sealing problem, the main reason for the failure is that the pump shaft of the vacuum pump and the seal ring of the oil seal device are worn, and the seal ring should be replaced immediately.

4) No gas. Solution: â‘ The shaft of the coupling of the air pump has been broken, the air pump is not working, the shaft should be replaced; â‘¡The motor does not run, the circuit is faulty, the circuit is repaired, the fault is eliminated and the motor runs.

5) The air pump sucks air. The vacuum degree of blowing is reduced. The main reasons are: ① The oil in the vacuum pump is insufficient; ② There are many impurities in the air pump, and the air pump is blocked; ③ The wear of the sealing parts of the air pump causes oil leakage. Air leakage; ④ The air filter in the air pump is blocked; ⑤ The air pump regulating valve is improperly adjusted. Remedy: ①Add new vacuum oil to the centerline of the cursor; ②Replace the new vacuum oil; ③Use new seals; ④Use gasoline to clean the filter. Air filter; ⑤ Adjust the regulating valve of the air pump correctly, increase the pressure in a clockwise direction, and vice versa.

6) Check items that should be paid attention to during the use of the air pump: â‘  Whether the auxiliary air inlet of the regulating valve is blocked; â‘¡ The auxiliary air inlet is blocked to cause little blowing; â‘¢ Whether the filter is blocked, and whether the relevant rubber pad is installed Normal; â‘£The diameter of the air inlet and outlet can't be too small, the normal side is the standard. [next]

2 Maintenance of ZYBW vacuum pressure compound air pump

1) The ZYBW type vacuum pressure compound air pump consists of a pump body. Filtration system. Composed of air cooling system. Should be placed in clean. There should be no obstacles in the ventilating place and the cooling air inlet and outlet of the pump, so as not to affect the cooling effect. The distance between the cooling air inlet and the wall and other obstacles is more than 30cm, and it is not allowed to cover the air pump and the air outlet with debris, so as not to affect Heat dissipation.

2) Suction pipe connector. The exhaust pipe joint shall not be arbitrarily reduced in diameter, and the length of the air pipe used should be as short as 3m.

3) The rotation direction of the air pump is consistent with the steering nameplate, and reverse rotation is strictly prohibited. Each time you rewire the installation, pay attention to the correct direction of rotation to prevent damage to the air pump due to reverse rotation.

4) The suction vacuum and discharge pressure have been limited to the rated value at the factory, and the vacuum and pressure can be adjusted by turning the knob of the valve. Non-professionals should not adjust the screw in the middle of the copper sleeve in the valve to prevent the increase of the working load of the pump body, otherwise it will damage the adjustment valve lightly and affect the service life of the air pump.

5) In accordance with the provisions of the grease use label, replenish the two oil nozzles of the rotor bearing position with lubricant.

6) Periodically check and replace the graphite slide. After the air pump has operated for 5000 hours in total, remove the air inlet hood, loosen the hexagon socket screws on the end cover, remove the end cover equipped with bearing seat parts, and remove the graphite slide. When the width of the graphite slide is less than 3/4 to 5/8 of the rotor groove depth, it should be replaced. If the amount of blowing or inhaling suddenly decreases, the graphite slide may be damaged. In this case, the graphite slide needs to be replaced to restore the air supply.

7) Regularly clean the air filter to prevent paper dust from clogging the air inlet and make the air pressure supply of the air pump abnormal.

8) The elastic ring of the coupling is checked every six months. If the elastic ring is worn out, it should be replaced in time. When re-installing, ensure that there is a 2 ~ 3cm gap between the two couplings. [next]

3 Daily maintenance of air pump

1? Change the vacuum oil regularly. After the air pump has been working for a period of time, there will be traces of metal iron filings in the oil. Paper gray. Fiber debris will wear the cylinder under the working state of the air pump, so the vacuum oil of the air pump should be replaced in time. In addition, special vacuum oil should be used instead of ordinary motor oil.

2? Ensure that the air pump cooling pipe is clean The air pump has more than a dozen cast aluminum tube cooling pipes, often called heat pipes, and their role is to cool the hot air in the pump. Long years of work will cause a thick layer of grease and dust to accumulate on the cooling tube, which must be cleaned in time, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect, resulting in burnout of bearings and sliding blades.

3? Ensure that the heat dissipation of the air pump is good. The heat dissipation of the air pump is achieved by the convection of hot and cold air, so the air pump should be placed in a large space. Easily ventilated place. When the air pump is operated in a high temperature state for a long time, the temperature of the pump body will be very high, and the air pump is easily burned out. At this time, the fan should be used to help the heat dissipation of the air pump, and its effect is relatively ideal.

4? Clean the filter regularly The role of the filter is to filter the air. When the suction filter sucks, avoid sucking the paper dust into the air pump; when the blowing filter blows, avoid blowing oil mist on the surface of the paper; in addition, there are four oil filters on the base of the air pump, and their function is to remove the oil mist. Prevent oil mist from being blown out. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the filter is damaged, and clean or replace it in time.

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