Advantech's reagent-Midea first developed a new "ultra-high tensile" transparent electrical conductor material

According to the physicist organization network reported on January 28th, researchers from the University of Houston and Harvard University in the United States created for the first time a new type of "ultra-high tensile" and transparent electrical conductor material, which will likely promote a fully folded mobile phone or After folding, the flat-screen TV that is clipped under the arms and easy to carry is further implemented. The research results were published in the latest issue of the "Nature" magazine online version.

The research team was the first to create such a material that aggregates transparency, stretchability, and conductivity, and the first to use grain boundary lithography to create this material. More importantly, this is the first time that a clear mechanism has been provided to produce materials with "ultra-high tensile" properties.

Ren Zhifeng, a physicist at the University of Houston and the principal in charge of the Texas Superconducting Center, said that this gold nanosieve electrode can provide good conductivity, transparency and flexibility. In addition, the material can potentially be applied to biomedical equipment.

The gold nanosieve electrode is produced by a novel grain boundary lithography technique, which involves a double-layer stripping metallization process, which includes an indium oxide mask layer and a silicon oxide sacrificial layer, and provides good size control of the mesh structure. Even after 160% tension or 1000 cycles of 50% tension, this material increases resistance only slightly.

The nanosieve is a fully interconnected network of gold nanowires, with good electrical conductivity and transparency, and has "ultra-high stretchability". This gold nanosieve is not as easily oxidized as silver or copper, resulting in a sharp decrease in the conductivity of silver and copper nanowires.

The researchers said that this material is very useful in the field of foldable electronic products, more convenient for transportation. South Korean manufacturer Samsung Electronics demonstrated a flexible mobile phone screen last November; LG Electronics has now launched a flexible mobile phone in Asia. But these are not really foldable or stretchable, but slightly curved to better face the user's face. For this foldable mobile phone device, we need flexible and transparent materials, so we need to further develop related technologies. The gold nanosieve is superior to other materials in testing. Even if it is stretched to breakage, when it returns to its original size, the conductivity will recover.

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