About the performance of cermet materials

Cermet is a structural material composed of hard ceramic and metal or alloy bonding phase. Metal ceramics maintain the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and chemical stability of ceramics. It has better plasticity of metal. Cermets have the advantages of both metals and ceramics. It has a low density, high hardness, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and will not be brittle due to sudden cooling or sudden heating. In addition, coating a ceramic coating with good air tightness, high melting point, and poor heat transfer performance on the metal surface can also prevent oxidation or corrosion of the metal or alloy at high temperatures. Metal ceramics have both the toughness, high thermal conductivity and good thermal stability of metals, as well as the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ceramics. Metal ceramics are widely used in the shells of rockets, missiles, supersonic aircraft, flame nozzles in combustion chambers, etc.

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Our Golf Sightseeing Cars normally with 6,8 and 10 seaters, can be with electric power and battery power for choice as well, they have many using purposes, like use on scenic spot, park, holiday resort,,real estate,air port,hotel,patroling,large shopping mall,now more and more peoples are buying them as a personal transport vehicle for their family, it is very simple to operate,peoples without driving license can drive it after few days learnning,it equiped with a automobile kind steering systems however more lighter,the max speed is very safe for driving which is only 25km/h for electric power and 40km/h for gas power,the max range is around 85kms for electric power after each full charge, the max range for gas power is around 200kms for gas power model after filled the tank fully.

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