6 types of peptide care products will be lost in winter

The principle of retrospecting bird's nest beauty depends on the peptide hormones in the bird's nest, which can play an anti-aging role and make the skin smooth and elastic. In fact, in some of the peptide care products also have the effect of the skin effect, the price is much more affordable than the bird's nest.

Beauty skin care

Highlights: Haloxyl PFETM's patented multi-peptide compound formula is a powerful combination of innovative ingredients that have proven to be effective against dark circles and a unique skin rejuvenation formula. When you use your skin to sleep, it is also the best time to repair, helping the skin to restore firmness, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.
GOODSKIN LABS EYLIPLEX-2 Day and Night Revitalizing Eye Cream Reference Price: 20ml/380 yuan Its efficacy: 124 kinds of precious ingredients and 4 patent formulas, daytime special effects pull to reduce eye edema, night to continue to repair the accumulated eye problems, Let you truly present a young look.
Highlights: MatrixylTM 5-Way Peptide is a patented formula designed specifically for anti-wrinkle, which enables the first and third types of collagen to be more robust and supportive, activates fibroblasts in the dermis, promotes collagen proliferation, and improves fineness. The problem of streaks and sagging skin.
FOR BELOVED ONE Pampering Deodorant Cream Reference Price: 30ml/580 yuan Its effect: Add exclusive Pepha-tight algae firming essence to instantly tighten and tighten skin, repair aging marks; Matrixyl five-element peptide Activate collagen to proliferate, restore skin's supple elasticity, add Q10, hyaluronic acid and collagen to resist oxidation and keep moisturizing. It also has firm, smooth skin without the need for micro-integration.
Highlights: Oligopeptides and plant herb peptides can stimulate collagen proliferation and restore firmness and elasticity. Two plant herb peptides extracted from hydrolyzed rice protein and soy protein can resist external harmful substances. It has anti-oxidant properties and promotes skin firming and moisturizing effects.
KIEHL'S Kiehl's peptide firming essence lotion reference price: 50ml/650 yuan Its effect: contains multiple firming anti-aging active ingredients, can simultaneously improve the facial, neck, chin and chest and other easy to appear due to aging phenomenon problem. After continuous use, the skin becomes firmer and smoother. Combines sodium hyaluronic acid and honey to smooth and brighten skin and rebuild skin contours.
Highlights: Smart Collagen Proliferation PeptideTM
The revolutionary exclusive patented ingredient contains a unique high-conducting micro-peptide, which is six times smaller than the average peptide. It penetrates deeper into the skin and stimulates the skin to proliferate collagen within 2 hours, making the skin supple and flexible. Significantly reduce fine lines and continue to tighten throughout the day.
EsteeLauder Miracle Stroke Anti-Wrinkle Serum [CP+]
Reference price: 30ml/730 yuan Its effect: powerful anti-wrinkle essence effectively reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. In just 2 hours, it accelerates collagen production. Instantly tightens skin, reducing the length, depth and amount of fine lines and wrinkles by 36%. The flexible elastic technology fills the wrinkles and stops the wrinkles from deepening. The skin is brighter, fresher and smoother. In just 4 weeks, the deeper wrinkles are tightened and smoothed. Significant fine lines and dry lines improved by 61%.
Highlights: 8 powerful 100% active anti-wrinkle peptide and neuropeptide high-tech patented formula with a peptide content of up to 24%. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restoring skin elasticity, leaving skin looking soft, smooth and youthful.
PTR Petrov Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream Reference Price: 28g/970 yuan Its effect: a repairing night cream that resists deep wrinkles at night. Designed to promote cell renewal, it repairs daily environmental damage, reduces pores, moisturizes and revitalizes skin during deep sleep.

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