3D printed octopus robot with jet propeller

Engineers led by Nicholas Bartlett at Harvard University have successfully printed an octopus robot with elastic body and a bouncing function, which not only adjusts the bounce direction, but also controls the landing mode and protects it. Electronic equipment. Overall, this 3D robot resembles a mixed shade and sea otter monster, using a similarly sorted rocket propulsion system with a pulsed start-up jet system that relies on butane and oxygen at the bottom, capable of bounce 6 times higher than its height. Bartlett and his team developed 3D printed deformed legs that can be individually inflated to varying degrees to adjust the takeoff bounce angle.

Bartlett's team used a 3D printer to mix soft and hard materials in different proportions and printed a soft robotic shell containing nine layers of material. As a result, body deformation during the entire process of bounce to landing was predictable. Controllable, allowing this seemingly strange little robot to bounce and land without harming the precision instruments it contains.


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