2012 let TA no longer love your invisible home improvement feng shui (Figure)

We live in a family environment for at least 12 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and are deeply affected by family feng shui. People's life rhythm is getting faster and faster. People's success in business, wealth acquisition, and the demand for a better life will naturally become higher and higher. Even ordinary people want peace and harmony, and love and love. But in real life, many couples have caused irreparable cracks for various reasons and they are going to break up. Yuncheng really auspicious culture analysis of the reasons, found that the feng shui of the room, the style of decoration is also the killer of marriage breakdown, need to pay attention.

Marriage killer in Feng Shui

So what kind of home feng shui, decoration should be concerned with the couples in the marriage hall? Be wary of the invisible killers in the home improvement that destroy the relationship between the lovers!

1, the bedroom layout avoids drying flowers

Marriage killer in Feng Shui

In addition to the bathroom, dry flowers are placed inside the house. The dry flowers for general decoration are made of dead flowers, and over time, they will cause serious damage to the relationship between the two. Lifeless dry flowers and fake flowers can affect the relationship between couples or lovers.

2, the bedroom avoids the third person to enter

Marriage killer in Feng Shui

The bedroom is the world where two people are alone. The third person is most involved. If it is not necessary, it is best not to let outsiders enter, so as not to pollute the room. In addition, many people like to open a dressing room in the bedroom. This is like setting up a separate room in the main room. Such a compartment will make the husband easy to encounter!

3, the bedroom avoids the use of complex ceilings

Marriage killer in Feng Shui

The complicated layout of the bedroom ceiling in the home is not good for the feelings of women at home, so Mr. is easy to develop.

4, the mirror can not face the room door, because the mirror has a mirror god, each door also has its own door god, so if the mirror is facing the door, this will scare away the weekday to protect our door god, and make the room easy to have a card Yin situation . Perhaps the protection god of the husband and wife slipped away, causing a crack in the marriage.

5, the mirror facing the toilet door, will allow couples to drill the horns when dealing with things, and let the male sexual function in the family weaken, women are prone to women's disease.

6, the mirror photo bed is also easy for couples to often turn their faces, which encourages the possibility of the other half often encountering an affair.

7, do not put the sinister home decoration: sharp items, such as swords, firearms, medals, animal specimens, should not hang on the wall. Because these items can produce yin, leading to quarrels or violent behavior. Similarly, avoid the setting of angular lamps or decorations.

8, tablecloths, curtains change "clothing" with the season: the environment with different ornaments, there will be different moods, emitting new love energy, new vitality, can be changed from the tablecloth, cushions, mats, and then It is the curtains, it is best to change a different color every season, actually to feel the love energy of these small places.

9, the left side of the furniture is too strong: from the home to the left and right, left represents the man, the right represents the woman, if the left is too strong, the husband will be too strong, the left side includes indoor and outdoor, for example, the left side of the living room is placed Very tall cabinets, cupboards, but there is almost nothing on the right side, very extreme, or you can see from the balcony, the left side may be a tall building or a large hillside, but nothing on the right side. If the left side is strong, it is inductive. The man who lives in this house is the stronger or stronger the husband, and the more and more the man does not listen to his wife.

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