100% pure solid wood furniture exists flicker concept

Most of the shops selling wooden furniture will wear 100% wooden slogans to attract consumers' attention. After experiencing a series of home safety accidents, consumers are more afraid of the safety of home life. The green home environment for environmental protection and health is the primary choice for consumers today.

Some of the samples placed in the store are indeed solid wood, which makes consumers feel at ease, but there are also cases where the products in the store are different from the household items received by consumers. After the delivery, the consumers actually found that the furniture they were looking at was not as solid as the original propaganda, which made the consumer very hurt and called the seller to deceive the consumer.

In fact, many sellers selling wooden furniture will advertise that their products are 100% solid wood, but a considerable part of them are “solid wood furniture” that is forged by skin. In fact, it should be called “imitation wood furniture”. ". Some so-called "pure solid wood furniture" use multi-layer boards, particle boards, and even medium-density boards in areas such as back sheets and drawer boards that are difficult for consumers to pay attention to. Sometimes consumers will try to measure the weight of wooden furniture by handcuffs, but now many MDF components can be made heavier than solid wood, which is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

According to industry insiders, the price of a set of imitation wood bedroom furniture should be several thousand yuan, and the whole solid wood furniture should be at least 10,000 yuan. But now there are a lot of prices on the market that are so expensive, consumers can't pass price identification.

Further, we can also understand that according to the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration, the furniture components must reach more than 70% of the solid wood standard to be called solid wood furniture. Said "pure solid wood furniture", "100% solid wood" and other references, not mentioned in the national standards, is not standardized.

In the concept of consumers, solid wood furniture represents quality and taste. Businesses are precisely looking at this kind of consumer psychology. They are playing "solid wood cards", reminding consumers to keep their eyes open when buying furniture, pay attention to the difference. Solid wood and camouflaged "imitation wood".

Of course, vigilance against the false propaganda of the business is also a special concern of consumers when they consume. Consumers should also fully understand the knowledge of solid wood furniture before they can buy solid wood furniture to prevent being deceived.

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